Robert Pool

Robert Pool

As a photographer, I am passionate about using photography to contribute to the appreciation and conservation of the beauty and diversity of our planet: its landscapes, animals, and people. By juxtaposing impressions of nature and culture, old and new, human and non-human, intimacy and distance, I want to stimulate critical reflection on the nature of our relationship to our natural, social and material environments, and on the role of photography in representing them.

As an anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam, I am currently carrying out research on the way in which wilderness is constructed and represented through the production of images, including photographs. I also teach a course on anthropology and photography.

I have previously lived in London, Barcelona, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon and South Africa and travelled extensively, especially in Africa and Europe.

Contact me at: robert@robertpool.org | rcpool@gmail.com | +31 6 2115 3391

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